Popular Superstitions Related to Crap You Probably Didn’t Know

Gambling is generally a game of chance. With the majority of the games banking on a player’s luck to win, it’s hardly surprising to see that many people have their own set of beliefs and superstitions that they apply whenever they play the game. Some people even go as far as applying these superstitions to the way they play the game— which move they make, which call they take, and whatever decisions they have to carry out.

The same also applies to games where strategies are usually applied to win. Despite people implementing certain systems to help them secure a win, there are still those who couldn’t help but inject a little superstition here and there in their gameplay. This goes from roulette to blackjack and various other card games and games of chances.

Craps isn’t exempted from that. There are numerous superstitions that even the most seasoned craps players out there aren’t exempted from believing in them. If you’re a superstitious person, you might want to take a look at what other craps players believe in and have been doing whenever they play the game.

Superstition 1

If there is a change to the stickman in the middle of a blackjack game, a seven is expected to follow.

Superstition 2

If you’re playing at a land-based casino and a cocktail waitress will approach the table with drinks on hand, a seven will likely follow.

Superstition 3

If upon throwing the dice, it ends up hitting some player’s money, you can expect a seven to come out.

Superstition 4

When throwing the dice and you end up hitting the glass, there’s a very good chance that the number 7 will appear.

Superstition 5

Observe the dealers. If you find that there seems to be way too much chatter between them, there’s a very good chance that frequent sevens will come out.

Superstition 6

Watch out how the dice are thrown as if they ever ended up getting thrown off your table, the next number to come up is likely 7.

Superstition 7

If you or other players in your table or even the dealer will request for new dice, expect that the number seven will come up next.

Superstition 8

If you want the number 7 to come up, just yell “7” and you’ll find that it will.

A lot of people, especially the non-superstitious bunch, will likely snigger at the thought of any of these beliefs. However, there are also those players that have seen them happen with their own two eyes. There’s a very good chance, however, that what happened was purely coincidental. Still, people will want to believe what they want to believe.

Provided that these superstitions are not hurting your winning chances, there’s nothing wrong with having a little faith in them. Just see to it, however, that you make intelligent calls during an actual craps game so as not to unnecessarily hamper your winning chances.