Our Food

Where your food comes from is important. At the Stumbling Goat we emphasize local ingredients from local sources.

Oxbow Organic Farm Carnation, Washington
Oxbow is a 20-acre organic farm bordering on Oxbow Lake. This horseshoe shaped lake provides critical habitat for salmon and other wildlife. The lake is fed by the Snoqualmie River, which also brings rich Cascade glacial till to our soil. These energizing minerals are the roots of the valley’s food web and they course through the produce grown on the Oxbow farm.
Find out more at www.oxbow.org/
Full Circle Farm Carnation, Washington
At Full Circle Farm, we grow, source, and deliver the freshest and most flavorful organic produce and artisan goods, and make them a convenient choice for your table. Sustainable practices have always been the cornerstone of our operation. We believe in the value of nurturing the land and community that are so essential in cultivating a healthy food system.
Find out more at www.fullcirclefarm.com/


Beefalo Meats  Ellensburg
Beefalo offers up to 6 times less cholesterol, 1/2 the calories, and up to 4 times less fat than beef. It is the only red meat shown through a university study to help lower LDL cholesterol levels. It has a healthier makeup of fat than beef and is raised with an all natural grass fed diet.
Find out more at www.beefalomeats.com
Blossom’s & Bee’s  Puyallup
Our bees get a wide assortment of food for their continued good health. They enjoy lush gardens in the Puyallup Valley of Washington state. They forage in about 100 acres of native wooded wetlands adjacent to our property. They get nectar and pollen from native alder and maple trees, Oregon grape and blackberries and the wide variety of plants in our and neighboring vegetable and fruit gardens, What they don’t get is a lot of harsh chemicals added to the hive. We use essential oils, amino acids, plant and other natural substances to aid health and combat hive pests and diseases
Find out more at www.blossomsandbeeshoney.com


Caffe Vita  Seattle
Caffé Vita sources coffee directly from growers that we can ensure adhere to the environmental and social standards we believe in.
Find out more at www.caffevita.com
Charlie’s Produce “Farmers Own”  Seattle
Acquiring Farmers Own Organic Produce in 1991 has ensured that we always have quality organic product grown close to home. We currently contract with 15 growers to sell all their products, provide them with boxes and supplies, and pick up at their farm. This allows the growers to concentrate on growing product and leaves the distribution and marketing to us. These farms range in size from 10 to 1000 acres and are located all over the State.
Find out more at www.charliesproduce.com


Crown S Ranch Twisp
On organic pastures, we humanely raise cattle, pigs, sheep, and poultry without toxic drugs or chemicals. We protect and enhance the environment and maintain a balanced ecosystem by integrating traditional animal husbandry with innovative technology and utilizing natural cycles.
Find out more at www.crown-s-ranch.com/
Dry Soda Seattle
Seattle-based DRY Soda Co. has re-imagined what soda can be: better tasting and better for you. DRY Soda uses only four, all natural ingredients and keeps the pure cane sugar to a minimum.
Find out more at www.drysoda.com


Foraged and Found  throughout the Northwest
Our passion for wild foods is what inspires us to supply the best of nature’s bounty, from mushrooms to wild greens. We believe in the culinary and medicinal benefits of everything we offer. Our goal is not to be first with our products each season, but to wait for the right time to harvest so we can bring the best and freshest to market.
Find out more at www.foragedandfoundedibles.com
Georgetown Brewing Company  Seattle
A Seattle microbrewery and brewer of Manny’s Pale Ale. We’re a draft beer only production brewery, which means that all we do is make beer and fill kegs.
Find out more at www.georgetownbeer.com


Hale’s Ales Brewery  Seattle
Hale’s employs an age old English brewing method that features an ale yeast that for centuries has been specially adapted for the open-topped fermenters of the traditional English brewery.
Find out more at www.halesbrewery.com
Bluebird Grain Farms Winthrop
At Bluebird, our goal is to cultivate and mill the most irresistible, nutrient-rich grain we can, while leaving this land healthier for the next generation. For our family and staff, great taste, real nutrition and a thriving countryside go hand in hand—you simply don’t get one without the others.
Find out more at www.bluebirdgrainfarms.com/


Leavenworth Biers  Olympia
Born in the Cascade’s famed Bavarian Village of Leavenworth, Leavenworth Biers have been rewards of the alpine life since 1992.
Find out more at www.fishbrewing.com
Artisan Mushrooms Camano Island


New Roots Organics  Seattle
Our produce comes from Washington, Oregon, and California primarily. We always buy seasonally, so you will not find melons or corn for instance, in our bins in the winter. Throughout the year we make it a priority to include locally grown produce 1st, and then when needed to make our bins balanced and complete, we include citrus, avocados, fresh greens and lettuces , etc. from California, and sometimes Mexico. We will always identify what is grown locally.
Find out more at www.newrootsorganics.com
Northwest Bounty  throughout Washington


Olsen Farms  Colville
Olsen Farms is a small family farm located in a mountain valley of Northeastern Washington. Our potatoes are dryland produced and have a superior potato flavor and color. We grow 23 varieties of potatoes of various colors, textures, and culinary uses.
Find out more at www.olsenfarms.com
Rogue Creamery Central Point, Oregon
Our Mission: People dedicated to sustainability, service, and the art and tradition of making the world’s finest handmade cheese.
Find out more at www.roguecreamery.com/


Schooner Exact Brewing Company Seattle
In addition to providing the fine people of the Northwest with excellent beer, Schooner Exact takes a strong advocacy role for state microbreweries, participating actively in the Washington Brewers’ Guild
Find out more at www.schoonerexact.com/
Rolling Stone Chevre  Snake River Valley
As a farmstead operation, we use only the milk form our own herd of Saanen goats. Fresh milk is pumped from one room to the next, never trucked from location to location. Everything that goes into the making of our cheeses happens here and only here, a difference that is manifest in each of our cheeses.
Find out more at www.rollingstonechevre.com


Taylor Shellfish Farm  Olympia
The Taylor family has been growing shellfish in the bays and inlets of Puget Sound for over 100 years.The clean, clear waters of the Sound provide the environment for growing some of the most bountiful and flavorful shellfish harvests to be found anywhere.
Find out more at www.taylorshellfishfarms.com
Theo’s Chocolate  Seattle
As the first and only organic and Fair Trade chocolate factory in the country, all of our ingredients are carefully screened to ensure they meet our standards for social and environmental responsibility.
Find out more at www.theochocolate.com


Willie’s Greens Organic Produce  Monroe
Owner Jeff Miller’s passion for farming emerged from his prior career as a chef and a desire to grow the finest produce possible. Established in 1987, Willie Green’s began with only a quarter acre plot of leased land in Woodinville, which supplied eight local restaurants with baby lettuce, salad greens and herbs.
Find out more at www.williegreens.org
World Spice Merchants  Seattle
We strive to find the freshest flavors on the planet and provide them to you in an informative, casual setting. Whether you’re cooking in a four-star restaurant or at home for family and friends, food is a large part of everyone’s life. If you seek out the best quality ingredients and the most creative recipes, you’ll find something that will enrich your life immeasurably.
Find out more at www.worldspice.com


Foods In Season Washougal
Founded with a strong philosophy of sustainability, respect for nature and a love for fresh, natural food, Southwest Washington-based Foods In Season was started by John Anderson and his wife, Wanda, in 1984.
Find out more at www.foodsinseason.com/
Garden Treasures Arlington
Garden Treasures is a six-acre nursery, garden center and certified organic, historical farm in the floodplain of the Stillaguamish River Valley in Arlington, WA. Garden Treasures has been committed to the revitalization of local agriculture and the movement to
Find out more at www.arlingtongardentreasures.com/


Hilliards Seattle
We opened our doors in October, 2011 with focus on beer in cans. Founded by Ryan Hilliard and Adam Merkl, we now have a much larger crew and even more beer.
Find out more at hilliardsbeer.com/
Honey Hole Honey Seattle
Honey Hole Honey was founded in 2010 by Ballard Beekeeper; Brad Hole. Brad has 8 urban hives helping pollinate areas of Ballard and West Seattle.


King’s Garden Carlton
The King’s Garden is a family and friends operated nursery and organic produce garden located in the heart of the Methow Valley along the pristine Methow River a mile south of the town of Carlton.
Larkhaven Farmstead Creamery Okanogan Valley
Farmstead cheese’ means cheese made only with milk produced on the same farm. This is important to us because we recognize that the delicious flavor and nutritional value of our cheeses come from the sun and the soil.
Find out more at www.larkhavenfarm.com/


Nicky Farms Portland
Nicky Farms is focused on bringing chefs and epicureans authentically American meats like rabbit, quail, fallow venison, Northwest elk, water buffalo, emu and bison. From a group of family-owned, sustainable farms and ranches across the Northwest come the finest offering of natural game birds and animals produced anywhere.
Find out more at www.nickyusa.com/
NW Grass Fed Beef throughout Washington
We work with a variety of small farms in the Pacific Northwest that grow their cattle to our specific specifications and standards naturally. All of the cows that we use are 100% grass fed and pasture raised for a richer and more authentic taste. The cows are never fed any added hormones or antibiotics.
Find out more at www.nwgfb.com/


Paradise Gourmet Foods throughout Washington
Silver City Brewery Bremerton
Silver City Brewery is committed to providing fresh, flavorful, local brews of the highest quality to our fans in Washington & the Pacific Northwest.
Find out more at www.silvercitybrewery.com/


Snoqualmie Valley Lamb Snoqualmie Valley
We are Monomaniacal in our 100% GrassFed USDA Certified Organic Lamb production. Our focus is on producing highest quality lamb. We are the only producer of 100% GrassFed USDA Certified Organic Prime Lamb on the West Coast of the USA.
Timeless Seeds Montana
The healthiest food comes from a clean environment with biologically active soils, and from land that is free from agricultural chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. We also use minimal packaging and biodegradable materials to reduce post-consumer waste. With Family Farmers. Our crops are produced by certified organic family farmers who care about their land and crops. We support these farmers with soil building crop alternatives, fair prices and new market opportunities.
Find out more at www.timelessfood.com/